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Cold Laser Pain Management

The North American Association of Laser Therapy (NAALT) adopted the term Phototherapy in 2003. This inclusive term is defined as: a therapeutic physical modality using photons (light energy) from the visible and infrared spectrum for tissue healing and pain
Phototherapy has been shown to effect cellular activity in the following ways:

  • stimulates cell growth

  • increases cell metabolism

  • improves cell regeneration

  • invokes an anti-inflammatory response

  • promotes edema reduction

  • reduces fibrous tissue formation

  • stimulates nerve function

  • reduces the production of substance P

  • stimulates long term production of nitric oxide

  • decreases the formation of bradikynin, histamine, and acetylcholine

  • stimulates the production of endorphins

These photo-biological responses are largely responsible for the pain relieving effects often observed in patients treated with phototherapy in this office.

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